Archivo diario: 10 septiembre, 2014

Notas para utilizar SAP BPC como fuente de datos en SAP BusinessObjects BI

Poco a poco va mejorando la conectividad entre SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) y SAP BusinessObjects BI (BI4.*). En el documento de referencia se recopila la serie de notas SAP que explican cómo conectar componentes BI o diseñar universos BusinessObjects utilizando como fuentes datos a modelos BPC.

  • 1731626 – Connectivity options between various BusinessObjects BI tools and BPC
  • 1835142 – Cannot connect to BPC 7.5 from BI 4.0
  • 1613548 – How to troubleshoot the BPC ODBO driver connectivity issues
  • 1690965 – How to test ODBO connectivity on 64-bit editions of Windows
  • 1613532 – Error “Could not find provider BPCMDX.4” when creating a Universe connection
  • 1797313 – Authentication error when creating an IDT connection to BPC 7.5 using XMLA
  • 1632820 – How to debug and trace Xcelsius dashboards connected to a web service
  • 1784015 – BPC MS: What are the required components for BPC and Xcelsius Integration
  • 1909019 – How to troubleshoot connectivty issues between BI and BPC data sources with Fiddler
  • 1709467 – Trouble shooting BPC ODBO / XMLA issues

Referencia: SAP Note 1835213